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The Relay Dialer

The Relay Dialer is a powerful phone-calling solution that can call cell phones* at speeds normally only attainable with an automated dialer. Built by veterans of the Bernie 2016 organizing team, the Relay Dialer was used by over 150 campaigns to make over 44 million calls in 2018.


*Don’t worry, we can call landlines too!


If you're not calling cell phones...

You’re ignoring more than ½ of the American electorate who have no landline, including ⅔ of Latinx, ⅔ of 18-45 year olds and ⅔ of people below the poverty line.

If you are calling cell phones...

Speed matters. A lot. The Relay Dialer averages 300+ dials/hour per caller, 3-6x faster than “power” dialing solutions and 10x faster than hand dialing.

Key Features

  • Real time analytics dashboards

  • Embeddable login pages to easily make the dialer part of your website

  • Dynamic scripts with in-line variables from your voter data

  • Easy sign-in for volunteers and easy banning of trolls

  • Follow-up with voters via text or email directly from the script

  • Custom question types (multi, single, checkbox, free text)

  • Automatic VAN sync of canvass results and survey questions

  • Live chat support for admins

  • Works on all devices (desktops, laptops, tablets)


TCPA Compliant

The Relay Dialer can be used to call cell phones because each call is manually connected by Relay Dialer Clickers all across the US. We handle everything to keep your calls legal and fast, you just add a list and start talking.



Our pricing is simple and straightforward: $.055 / dial.  

Bulk discounts begin at 100,000 dials / month.


Proven Track Record

During the 2018 midterm election, over 150 campaigns made 44 million calls using Relay Dialer.

The Relay Dialer is brought to you by the makers of Relay, a P2P texting platform that has been used to send over 180 million text messages since 2016.